1 May

It's that magical time of year again dear readers when I switch from (in the case of this year) not posting at all, to posting a picture a day whether you need it or not.
As always I will make a faithful promise to post every day without fail without cheating and giving you a picture from the day before.  That said, I am going on vacation on the 15th, so there may be a delay.  But, there will be a picture for each day.  Even if it's posted a day late.  

So, here's May day's pic for this year. 


sai kumar said…
all the best ellie...
Shagufta Mulla said…
its the most wonderful time of the yearrr... :-)
Mom said…
I enjoy these entries - they give me some insight into what you are doing and what interests you! Looking forward to the vacation photos!!

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