Jack Stands

Once I was asked what kinds of things I had learned from this line of work.  I was asked in a very philosophical way by someone who doesn't understand this job at all.  Maybe he was being nice, but I found him trying.  The first things that came to mind did not include a deeper understanding of my fellow man, a closer relationship with God, or insights into the meaning of life. 
What came to me were the practical things.  For example, don't climb a ladder with a saw in your hand.  Don't climb a ladder without someone holding the bottom.  Don't climb ladders.  Life is better when you don't do drugs., but do take your medication.  Don't drive motorcycles while drunk.  Don't drive motorcycles without a helmet. Don't drive motorcycles. 
Knowing full well these were not the answers this person was looking for made them all the more satisfying to me.  He returned this sound advice with a blank stare.  You're welcome.  
Not to say you can't learn a lot of philosiophical stuff at this job.  In fact, I will certainly attest that my experiences on the job have shaped my relationship with God and the universe.  But I really enjoy the tangible lessons.

In fact, recently the lesson of using proper jack stands was reiterated to me.  This was when an enterprising young man decided to fix the front quarter panel of his car by himself.  He used the flimsy factory standard jack, took off the wheel and at that point was probably feeling quite proud of himself (I would have).  He then sat with his legs out under the car and attempted to manhandle the panel back into place.  This shook the car, dipslaced the jack, and sent the car in a slow motion and unstoppable fall onto his leg.  He was then pinned by the brake rotor at an odd angle and was potentially in a heap of trouble.  Happily he had his cell phone within reach and the car was deftly lifted off of him by the fire department within 10 minutes.  He didn't break his leg which was good news indeed, but did take a trip to the hospital.   He did not know what a jack stand was.  He does now.

What kinds of things have you learned from the job?

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I've learned a thing or two since moving to the Middle East. Check it out: