Already I am behind and it is only the 10th day of the year.
I have not come up with any topics for my column writing idea, so I am taking suggestions.
Give me a topic and I'll bore you with it.  For free!

I am making other progress in re-uping my membership with the red cross and making an honest attempt to be more dedicated to the organization. Work is not a good excuse to miss meetings. That is what I've decided. I mean, I'll alter my schedule for less important things, so why not them? Also, I will just take their classes. I need to get over myself and just do it instead of thinking I am overqualified because I am not. There is always learning to be done and if some of their classes are redundant: so be it. Resolve! I have some at this moment!

I have also booked flights for my first very far trip in almost three years.  I'll be visiting dear friends in the Pacific Northwest before they leave their post.  I am super stoked and relish in the preparation.  I love travel research, what can I say?

Talk of that trip has given me the five year itch with my current camera.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it other than it is a bit of dinosaur.  Half of my problem with upgrading is the money.  The next best camera is about 2800 dollars which is quite a lot of dollars.
The other half is straight up loyalty to my current cam. We've been through a lot and taken so, so many pictures.  I love it in its simplicity.  Well, I can call it simplicity now that I kind of understand most of its capabilities.  The learning curve with a new camera will be huge as it has many bells and whistles many of which I don't understand, nor do I think I ever will.  Also plaguing me is what would I do with the old one?  Suggestions of selling make me weep and because there is nothing wrong with it, I'd also feel bad shelving it.  ("Woody's been shelved!" rings in my head)

But, $2800 for a camera is like buying myself an engagement ring.  I think there is a rule of using two paychecks to buy the ring, right?  Only, I worry that in another five years this camera may be a dinosaur too.  Unlike an engagement ring, I don't think it will last forever.  Well, until I sort out an ironclad insurance policy for it.  One where I can call and say 'oops, it's on the bottom of a lake' or 'somehow it fell down the steps' or 'it was raining a little on that camping trip' and they will give me cash in hand.  I think I would marry it though.  Then maybe I can just put it on my health insurance in case I drop it.  I can introduce it at parties and it will be my arm candy in a strange, strange way.  

Anyway, all this talk makes me feel disloyal and when I end up keeping my current fancy cam, I'll feel very guilty just for entertaining these thoughts.  "No, camera, there's only you!"  Now my camera and I are locked in a telemuno style fight complete with fainting couches and wine glasses thrown into the fireplace.  "What does it have that I can't give you?!" "Twenty-four point three megapixles!" (gasp!) "HD video!" (gasp!) "Full frame shooting!" (gasp!)  "Two memory card slots!" (gasp! faint!)  It has carbine action 200 shot range with a compass in the stock!  Wait.  I'm getting confused, but it does have an awesome shutter sound. 


Anne said...

You may or may not find this an interesting topic to write about, but it would interest me. I'd be interested in knowing the basics--I don't have a digital camera. What should a beginner look for? Why? What do I need to know? What are the things I need to think about as I make a decision? Should I buy a really inexpensive one first, and, if so, why? And when do I know how to trade up? How do you get pictures from the camera to your computer? Should I have a case to protect it? And what questions should I have listed here that I was too ignorant to think of? And what are the answers to those questions?

You can guess who would say this. . . . said...

ou'll shoot your eye out!