I’ve been giving some thought to an aspect of my life recently that I really should appreciate more. As a single woman with many married friends, I feel like I get to borrow husbands. There may be no way to introduce this topic without looking needy and weird, but in all sincerity, I am blessed to have married friends and husbands I can borrow who will take care of me.
Without sounding like a polygamist, I have different (brother?) husbands who fix my car, chop wood, play video games, fix random stuff, and even a work husband who looks after me there. In a way it is sort of like borrowing other peoples’ kids and giving them back when they get cranky or smelly.
It is a luxury in my life to have these men who work as worthy place holders for my future possible husband. Of course, they are spoiling me in a way that will make it more impossible to find an actual husband, but oh well.
And of course, I can still kill my own spiders, change light bulbs, and trim trees, but it is nice when I don’t have to. Yes, I am a feminist. I now know the value of having a man in my life and it is a privilege to see all of the strong relationships my friends have. This also helps me to focus my drive to find a partner away from the ‘manly’ things he can do for me, and to extract the true needs a spouse can fulfill.
So, thanks to all of my married friends; for helping me to keep the standards from slipping. That being said, which one of you knows how to weld?

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