Helpful Honking

I didn't post a picture yesterday, but I was too busy stalling my mother's car 10 times in a row in the middle of a four lane road to take a picture. It wouldn't have been an pretty one anyway. Mostly it would have looked like us trying really hard not to shout at eachother, me cursing loudly, and strangers honking at us and while trying not to kill us all.

Why is it that when your car becomes disabled either through user error or poorly timed mechanical failure, that people feel the need to honk at you? Do they think that I didn't notice that I was blocking two lanes of traffic and being a general pain in everyone's ass? "Oh, thank you for honking. I didn't notice that I was in the middle of the street. This is inconvenient? People want to get by? Thank you for letting me know."

In reality, there was nothing I wanted more than to move the car 20 feet. Every fiber of my being was willing that car to go, but I still managed to stall over and over again. But, considering it was my 4th time ever driving a stick, and my first time in any real traffic, I guess I did okay.

I am practicing for the newest wild ass plan. If the plan comes to fruition, those of you who follow the picture a day project will have no doubt of its success.

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hilinda said...

I had one of those days, the first time I drove a standard in traffic. Got stuck at a stop light on a bridge where there was a slight incline.
That was maybe 30 years ago, and I still remember how frustrated I was. And the honking.