For the past few weeks, I've been taking an improv class.  I took it because, well, I like to subscribe to the adage of 'do something that scares you...every once in a while'.  It goes something like that.  Thanks to this class, I have done something that scares me at least once a week.  I have no background in 'the stage' nor have I recently undertaken any public speaking challenges or anything of that sort.  Further, I am not that funny.  So, taking an improv course seemed like a great idea!
It's a small class of nine, I think, and they are all wicked smart.  And quick.  The two characteristics that are the basis of impov.  Smart and quick.
But I'm not too bad.  I think probably because we have an audience of one.  We are supposed to do a 'show' at the end of the sememster for friends and family.  I worry that with an audience of any number greater than one, I will be as good as Michael Scott.
Outside of that future terror, this is the most fun I've had in a while.  I want to stay all day and play improv games with these people.  It's all so new, I find it endlessly amusing. I also find it an amazing human thing.  In the blink of an eye, you are essentially creating a story, characters and actions with another person, and they don't know what the first line will be.  It really is amazing that anything happens at all.  But in seconds the two (or more) of you can get on the same page.  What's more, you're on the same page, and it's funny!  Perfect storm!
I'm not saying were good, in fact, collectively, we really struggle with some things.  But it is a small group of people who are really trying.  Really, really trying.  It's a really fun hour and a half, and I feel it's good for my brain and my personality. 

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