Tonight I went out to dinner.  Well, this afternoon I took the bike to the park for the first ride of the year.  It was marginally successful.  I need to work harder at the gym.  Anyway.  I got home later than I thought, ate some leftovers in a rush and went to a meeting.  It was some pretty good human interaction!  And could give me plenty of things to do in the future.  Anyway.  Afterwards, we went out to dinner.  I was still a little hungry from abbreviated dinner, so off I went.  'Why get something small, when I can get something to have now and take home for tomorrow?'  I said to myself.  It was a nice dinner with plenty left for another meal.  They kindly gave me a box, and a bag too.  I carefully scraped my plate into the box and put it in the bag and placed it right in front of me so I wouldn't forget to take it home.
Well, by now, we all know the end of this story.  It should be no surprise to any human that I don't have anything for lunch tomorrow.
How is it that I can make a calculated decision to get a bigger meal so that I can take the rest home, then eat the meal to ensure I have some to take home, get a box and fill it to take it home, and then forget the entire plan, just like that?!  How?!
I was too far away by the time I realized my oversight and I find it unbelievably irritating.  The poor little bag of rice and veg sitting there all alone.  Now, in the trash.
Brain, you are capable of amazing things.   So, stop being dumb!

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