Date Check

Now that the WAP is going to happen, every day when I hear the date, I say “Holy crap is it really July 19th? All-freaking ready?” I’ll look at my own calendar to confirm it as a small burst of nervous adrenaline seizes me for a moment or two.
I’m afraid that this is going to happen every day until I leave, only the doses of adrenaline will become larger and larger until I am walking around in a bug-eyed completely panic stricken state.

After two days of panic, today I knew it was time to make a list. I have a few minutes to gather my thoughts at work today and tomorrow, before setting off for a full week of work and playing camp nurse. Oh, the comforts that a list can bring. The feeling of having a complete list (not to mention one with things crossed off of it) is always stress relieving to me. Items one and two are buying a plane ticket and applying for housing, two things that require me to be at home for longer than five minutes.

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