...I'll have it in the mail by Thursday

It is with tentative key strokes that I type this update. My visa application and supporting documents are again coming together. On Thursday morning I have to go back to the creepy fingerprinting place, and from there, I can mail it off. I have re-collected my bank statements, pay stubs, letters from my employer and bank. I even received a call from the uni today ensuring that I got all the proper letters and such.
"Will you still be joining us in September?"
"Well, I hope so!"

I am taking the tact to inundating the office with every piece of official paperwork remotely connected with my finances, employment, or education. Thought I have a feeling that even with an overstuffed envelope, every document will be separately scrutinized. Even so, it is all there. I mean everything.
Here's a little more insight into some of the pointlessness of the application. I have to prove that I have enough money to pay for the tuition and projected room and board. This makes sense as I will be unable to work enough to make a significant amount of money. Unfortunately this is hard to prove. I have to have all my bank statements from the last three months, and all the money has to have been in it (a checking account, mind you) for at least 30 days. This is strange because they want the money to be "readily available" but who keeps that kind of money in a checking account that pays 0.001 percent interest?
Okay, so I moved the money around a couple of months ago and dutifully printed out my monthly statements, as they are not physically mailed to me. Because I had to print them myself, I had to go to my bank, and have them write a letter attesting to my current balance. Further, the bank manager had to sign each sheet of the printed out statements confirming that they were, indeed, my account statements. What's more silly is that the balance changes constantly and one could simply take out all the money and no one official would know about it. So the whole thing is pretty pointless, but I guess there aren't other ways of proving you have the money unless you show up to the consulate with big bags of it.

So, wish me luck!

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