A long 24

0515 Woke up and got dressed. Gave kitty some treats and out the door by,
0535 Listened to the latest podcasts about how Joan of Arc worked and how to launder money on the way to work.
0635 Arrived at work, threw my jacket in the truck, got the keys and pager from off going medic.
0645 call for 2 y/o with shortness of breath.
0713 Kid with specialty problems, and almost had to transport to very far away specialty hospital. Parents were thankfully happy with a little extra oxygen and refused.
0730 -0930 breakfasted and napped.
0930 call for patient with exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. I took the same patient for the same reason last shift. She looked worse and was moving no air. Thank God the nursing home had her on 4lpm via nasal cannula.
0945 Headed to kind of far away hospital per patients request. Forced a neb into her and then straight on the CPAP.
1015 Arrived at hospital with the patient feeling good and a pulse ox of 97%
1020 Caught up with an old friend who works at kind of far away hospital. Hadn't seen her in three years!
1215ish arrive back home and got some "lunch" (for me, carrot sticks and slurpee)
Caught up on paperwork and upload some pics to facebook until,
1500 call for stroke.
1503 Arrive at said stroke call where daughter of patient was a nurse who would have bet her paycheck that her mother was having a stroke.
1505 Glucose check is 26 mg/dl. Did our best to smother amused looks at eachother.
1506 Started IV and gave D50.
1510 Everyone was happy.
1525 Cleared scene, stood around and talked, and restocked until,
1615 call for chest pain.
1618 Arrived to find an older guy who got winded putting his socks on.
1620 Patients heart rate wass 33 and pressure of 100.
1625 Fixed him up with fluids, atropine, and prophylactic pacer pads.
1700 Cleared that call and headed over to local ambulance services' annual banquet.
1700-1830 enjoyed a nice, hot, free meal. Sat around and talked until,
1850 call for stroke.
1855 Arrived to find older guy who is confused due to dimentia, and very likely not having a stroke.
1917 Left for hospital
1917 Arrived at hospital. Yep, we could see it from the house.
1930 Attempt to get back to banquet for dessert, abandoned that at,
1945 for a call for syncope.
1948 Arrived to find patient I've had before who, then, was sleeping in her car (outside of her house) in the middle of the night. Tonight she can't stay awake for some reason. It could be all the oxycodone she took.
2020 Finished with that call.
2025-2230 Headed back to the station to finish four tripsheets and chat with co-workers.
2230-0100 Made my way to the bunkroom. Toyed with the idea of smothering my snoring partner.
0105 Call for shortness of breath.
0108 Arrived to find feverish older guy who definitely had pneumonia.
0210 Finished with that and head back to the station for more paperwork!
0240 Finished paperwork and back to the bunkroom.
0320 Call for abdominal pain
0325 Arrived to find upright, non complaining patient walking around.
0330 "How about we get you on the stretcher and go to the hospital because it's 0330 and that's what we do."
0340 Finally a call for my partner, I drove to the hospital; bed calling my name.
0400 ER asked us if we are available to do a transport. Very reluctantly, yes.
0405 Chugged 20 oz caffeinated beverage.
0445 After waiting for ER to get their crap together, headed out to the hour away hospital.
0500 Patient slept and I scribbled in my notepad.
0600 Arrived at hospital, gave futile report to trauma team, and got mad at the system.
0645 Stopped for coffee on the way home. I must have been tired, I don't even drink coffee.
0720 Arrived at station, restocked, and headed for the inevitable paperwork.
0800 Left work an hour late. Sang along loudly to Coldplay and ignored tiredness.
0915 Arrived home, slept until 1230.

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Walt Trachim said...

That is a long 24, indeed.

I miss shifts like that. When I get to go back to work, however, I suspect I won't...