Falling...with style

Turns out, I'm not very good at skiing. But, skiing does make me giggle, which is definitely a good thing. Even when I was falling on my ass, I was laughing. But I mostly enjoy when other people are falling down.
I am pretty good at skiing uphill or on the flat, but I am pretty much completely unschooled and too big a wimp to really enjoy the downhill. It's the stopping that's the real problem. Stopping by way of falling is fairly effective, but sadly it is not always into a nice soft pile of snow.
Overall it was a lovely day. We started by driving, well, until we found snow. That alone was amazing. We took a little hike to see a beautiful waterfall that was half frozen and looked awesome.
From there we drove through the mountains, and past some energy capturing windmills which are much bigger close up than I thought. We ended up at a little cross country skiing resort full of hippies and generally nice people. They have several trails into the mountain behind them and a few groomed trails in their fields. I had never seen or skied on groomed trails before, and I'm pretty sure they are the greatest invention ever. We ended up skiing around for about 5 hours.
We were totally exhausted by the time we had dinner at the lodge, and to that point that sitting down for five minutes was bad, because it allowed just enough time for muscles to tighten up.
I've had my fill of skiing for a little while, but it was a lot of fun!
I still hold the belief that cross country is mostly walking with style, and some people have quite a lot of it. I on the other hand, and the b/f as well, are far better at falling with style.
More pictures to follow...

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