Thanks to facebook, I have been 'challenged' with writing 25 random things about myself. I am doing this because I find what other people have written to be very interesting. I am doing it here because I love and am loyal to the blog. Plus it is automatically imported to facebook, so this way everyone can enjoy it. Enjoy, right.

1. I am addicted to chapstick.
2. I always have chapstick with me, along with my little girly penknife. (unless I am somewhere where such weapons are not appreciated.)
3. I have a lot of books, but I haven't read them all.
4. I am terrible with names.
5. I hate when people rearrange my things.
6. I am not a fan of the dark.
7. I like orange juice, but hate oranges.
8. This list makes me look like a complainer.
9. Nine is my favorite number.
10. I forgive easily.
11. When I travel, I love to go into foreign grocery stores and try new foods, (usually candies.)
12. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
13. I prefer busy days at work, I love to get paid to do bizarre things.
14. I love to experience life's adventures.
15. I don't understand mean people, but I try.
16. My guilty pleasures are watching "The Soup" and being a loyal reader of dlisted.com.
17. I am good at recognizing actors in different movies, but bad at recognizing people I see all the time.
18. I love camping, but hate bugs.
19. I am full of self doubt.
20. I have a weakness for Cadbury chocolate products.
21. I will use that dress.
22. I am full of random facts.
23. To make the size of our solar system slightly more tangible, make the Earth the size of a pea, and Jupiter would still be 1000 feet away. Thank you, Bryson.
24. I love the internet, I rely on it, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
25. As I write this, I am 25 years old.

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