WAP, the reveal!

Ah so, this vaguely mysterious plan. I can safely reveal it now, because if it falls through it will be the fault of "the system" and not of my own shortcomings. I have been accepted to grad school! That is the wild ass plan, but what makes it particularly "wild ass" is that to go to the school, my next step it to apply for an educational visa. If the plan continues successfully, I will soon be in DC getting my retinas scanned and fingerprints put into a database so that I can be a fake British citizen for a year.

Why go to grad school in England? You may ask.
Why not.
Aside from being a huge Anglophile, I am in a spot in my life where I am unencumbered by mortgages, loans, husbands, children, or anything else big that may prevent this plan from being carried out at a later date. Also, when it's time for me to well, make more money, I can look for a job as a green emergency planner/manager. Though I have a feeling that it will take a long time for the paramedic thing to be out of my system. Also, this major is not offered at my Alma mater, so I might as well go somewhere completely different. I really think that the Brits have their crap together when it comes to disaster management and that we can learn a lot from them. Also, equally as important; tea, full English breakfasts, and really good chocolate.

This is a year long program, classroom based of course, with a thesis of about 20,000 words. Sweet!

I will be a safe distance from London, so I won't fail out because I've wandered away from school work and never returned. Although, I have found plenty of distracting things to do "out in the country" including local kayak trips, castles, hikes and a public paddling park. Oh no!

More details and, of course, close documentation of the whole experience will follow. For now, I have about nine months to sort out how to pay for this, where to put all my stuff, and what to do with kitty for a year. Any takers?


Ken said...

Awesome :) The whole emergency planning thing post graduate really interests me too, and was exactly what I was going to do in a few years post graduation. Keep up with the details of where you're going to be:)

Chris said...

I'm at Warwick Uni, and currently live in Coventry. I've a friend doing emergency planning, get in touch if there's anything I can find out to help you

mala said...

that is so awesome! congrats!

i have a friend from hs whos in grad school in london and had alot of the same issues that youre going to go thru. u say you wont be in london but if you want an intro let me know :-)

Walt Trachim said...

Can I come, Ellie? Please? Can I? I'll be unobtrusive - I'll hide in your luggage. Better yet, I'll be your substitute kitty :)

Seriously - what a cool thing! Bravo Zulu! And I want very much to go back to the UK as I'm almost as much of an Anglophile as you. Betcha didn't know that, huh?

nikki said...

that is excellent congrats!!! and i think the other el and kyle would like a kitty for a year... just a guess on my part :)