It's plungetastic!

Last week I participated in the local Polar Bear Plunge. Let me tell you now, there are at least 11,000 certifiably insane people in Maryland. That many people, (myself included) voluntarily got in the Chesapeake Bay in January. It is completely not normal to go out on a beach, bundled against the winter wind, and begin to take clothes off. Not normal.
It was a lot of fun though, it is a much bigger deal than I imagined with corporate sponsors, sand sculptures, and a lot of people. After hanging around for awhile, we made our way to the beach and claimed our spot. I changed into sandals which was just the beginning of the weird. Suddenly we were surrounded by strangers who are all slowly removing all their outerwear. Happily, it wasn't a long wait before we could run like maniacs into the water. After shouting a few expletives we then immediately ran like maniacs out of the water. It is not a surprise that it was more than a little cold.

Thanks to my kind donors, I collected a lovely "I Plunged!" sweatshirt and got a free lunch.

A repeat performance will not take place, at least not without a flask of whisky.

Afterwards, I was taken to the local Eastern Mountain Sports as promised and lusted after their many wares.

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nikki said...

that would be the coolest ever!!! i love it... i would so do it next year! whiskey or not i will join!