Drugs are (still) bad.

Last night I met a man at work who is in the running for biggest idiot of the year. I call him a 'man' to reiterate that he does not have the excuse of youth and inexperience to fall into drugs. We were called at 0330 this morning because he decided it would be a good idea to watch relative strangers mash up "pills" melt them down into a spoon, draw them up into a hypodermic that might have come from a used sharps box (or God knows where), and inject it into his vein. Doing this, rightly so, made him classically "feel funny" and have a period of severe chest pain. Thank you, Mr. Idiot, now I am awake and my 3am mind is trying to wrap around a 35 year old guy who would do this to himself.
I couldn't find anything wrong with him, as by the time we arrived, his funny feeling had subsided. Now he didn't even want to go to the hospital. Fine. Easier for me.
Somehow he was spared from the long version, of "Do you know how stupid it is to do this?" speech and got a general 3am version of "What the hell is wrong with you?" Both include, but are not limited to, that drugs basically can kill you, not to take drugs from strangers, dirty needles give you incurable diseases that you can pass on to what I may assume now is your ex-girlfriend. Also, burial plots are expensive, but maybe you should get one now and spare your family the trouble.

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Walt Trachim said...

Yet another example of people being really, really stupid....

You could have given him the Mr. Mackey lecture, now, drugs are bad. m'kay? :)

Thinking of that makes me want to go find the clip now. Thanks, Ellie!