A terrible loss.

A few days ago my state trooper preceptor was hit by a car while taking a jog on vacation. He has subsequently died from his injuries. I can’t begin to take on the feelings of his wife and children. But I know that he was a good man, and for a few twelve hour shifts three winters ago, he took me under his wing, showed me how to be a good paramedic, and kept me safe.
He told me that with integrity, I could go anywhere in this business. How right he was. He was a preceptor who told me “You’re in charge.” and from there let me make decisions and run his scenes.
How ironic it is to work on a medivac helicopter and die in a vehicle accident.
I am sick with this loss.



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Walt Trachim said...

So sorry, Ellie - you are right that this is a terrible loss.

Prayers for his family...