Blogging for the sake of blogging

When I started this blog I swore not to blog unless I had something of interest to blog about. I think I've pretty much stuck to that. Except for right now. It has been a long time since my last post, and I don't really have anything interesting to post now. Technically I am wasting your time.

The best thing to happen at work recently was when we got PEEP valves for our vents. Also, I got a few more items for my, what will now be, annual EMS Christmas tree. Still holding out for a good topper though. Any suggestions?

Next week I should have the last of the pottery class pots ready for your visual enjoyment. They are more pot-like than the first batch.

I have made small steps toward what I am calling "Wild Ass Plan #1." More on that later, I hope, but the stars must align for it all to happen. It would bring an interesting chapter to the blog though. There I go again, blogging about nothing.

I have recently gone on a pretty successful 1st date. Second to follow soon. Maybe we can talk for another five hours and not notice.

Today I opened the box of 160 bags of P.G. Tips tea I imported this summer. It is glorious.

I am almost out of the whisky I imported this summer. That is sad.

The writing class is to blame for the recent influx of poetry to the blog. What do you think?

I rode my bike for the first time (for a long distance) yesterday. It snowed and rained and I was nearly blown off the road. I deserved it for being lazy. At one point I stopped and shouted "I am ridiculous!!" I'm not sure why, but I was half frozen at the time.

I got the new Coldplay EP for $1.

I bought a pineapple today.

Happy t-giving.

That is all.

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Walt Trachim said...

How about a chest tube and trocar? Maybe some other surgical implements as well.... Next year I'd be willing to donate my waffle boot to be used for a stocking :)