Ah, Baltimore

Yesterday my parents came down and we had a very Baltimorean day. We visited the American Dime Museum which features ‘memorabilia of the exotic and novelty acts of old” such as a mummified giant, shrunken heads, paintings done by monkeys, a two headed cow, a sea monster from the patapsco river and much, much more. (deciding what is real and what's not exactly real is up to you and half the fun!) It's called the 'dime' museum because these novelties were serious entertainment back in the day, and cost a dime to see. Unfortunately, the museum be closing at the end of the month. I suggest you go see this piece of American history while you still can (it’s worth every dime.)

Afterwards, I was glad that we stumbled upon the mayor’s Christmas parade going down 36th street or “The Avenue”; it was great. The marching bands were playing Christmas carols, the drum corps were awesome, and Santa was there too! I enjoyed it immensely in spite of myself.
We had dinner in Hampden and then visited the famed 34th street. On one block of the street, all of the houses are decorated for the holidays like crazy. Lights are strung across the street, every window is outlined in lights, there's a Christmas tree made of hub caps, plastic Santas adorn the rooftops, and inflatable lawn ornaments abound. It’s hilarious!

Right now, the snow is beginning to stick on the street, so fingers crossed for some school delays tomorrow!


Ichabod said...

Hey Hon!!! Balmer can be an awesome place what with them things you have mentioned and seen. How could you fail to describe Mamie's - the mismatched china, silverware and glasses make it just like home!? Not to mention the hair-hoppers!
Thanks for the links - 34th Street would bring Scrooge into line!!! A must-see along with the museum. Hurry - they won't last long!!!!

guess who said...

If you like Baltimore so much, why don't you stay?