I worry that deep into next semester, I will forget the care free times of our first summer.  How young and naive we were!  Stressed over our very first medicine exam.  Driving into the city once a week for cadaver lab.  Listening and re-listening to our pathophysiology lectures. How adorable!  I don't want to forget having to prove I could take a blood pressure.  I don't want to forget those fun times role playing for psych class.  Oh, innocence!

I only feel nostalgic for last week because they sent us the schedule for fall.  It makes this summer look like day camp.  We will be doing six classes simultaneously with a finals week that looks horrific.  I don't want this to come off as complaining.  I am nervously excited for it all.

Already I feel our class is well bonded through our shared suffering and triumphs.  PA school is a strange crucible.  All of our classes are in the same lecture hall with a large lab across the hall.  The room is just for our class and quickly became pretty lived in.  34 people have moved in and slowly accumulated snacks, drinks, blankets, and pillows.  The room is equipped with several microwaves and a full fridge.  There's also  a water kettle (my favorite part) and coffee makers.  (We are a well-caffeinated bunch.)  There are long days and short ones.  Days with labs, days with few breaks, days where we all run to our mailboxes to check if grades are back. 

So, I will thoroughly enjoy my two week summer break, and try not to worry about the fall.  Hopefully.

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